Fr. Kenny Ang

About Fr. Kenny

I enjoy traveling. Sometimes huge crowds unsettle me. As an early bird, socializing in the evening is not my forte. I dislike noise, but I love learning new things. Don’t invite me to hike mountains, though. Why would a person ascend a mountain only to find herself having to climb it down (which is the worst part)? But that’s just me.

I’m a Catholic priest of the Diocese of Surabaya. Raised in Jakarta, I’ve lived in Indonesia, the United States, Spain, and Italy. I first sensed my priestly vocation as I was mesmerized by the beauty of Catholic faith expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Teaching is my passion. It encourages me to keep researching. If I didn’t have to teach, perhaps I wouldn’t study as hard. Since my diaconal ordination in 2018, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to numerous groups from Indonesia, Singapore, and the United States. By helping you know and love your faith more deeply, I dream of bringing you closer to God, your ultimate source of happiness.

On the side, I play pipe organ and take photos. I’m currently based in Rome, where I work on a thesis on St. Thomas Aquinas, “the wisest among the saints and the saintliest among the wise” (Cardinal Bessarion).

About This Website

After over a year on several social media platforms, I realized that they could only do so much. Before long, I wished I had a home on the internet where I could express my thoughts more thoroughly in order to better proclaim Christ to my contemporaries.

This is the exact purpose of this personal website. It was elegantly created in 2021 by Kevin Ang, who had developed websites and brandings for scores of institutions within the Catholic Church and beyond.