Carlo Acutis and Assisi

Carlo Acutis and Assisi

The Church of St. Mary Major is situated in Assisi, central Italy. Being the place where St. Francis took off his luxurious garments in front of his father Pietro di Bernardone, it is also referred to as the Sanctuary of the Spoliation (Renunciation or Stripping). It is a place of pilgrimage also because it houses the remains of the Blessed Carlo Acutis. He used to attend the Eucharistic celebration at this church every day.[1]

Life of Carlo Acutis

Born: 1991 | Died: 2006 (aged 15) | Beatified: 2020

Carlo Acutis was born in London in 1991 but his family soon moved back to Italy where he grew up as an only child. He loved football, Pokémon, action films, and all animals, and had several pets.

Despite his parents not being religious, Carlo had a strong devotion to Our Lord in the Eucharist from an early age. He would never pass a church without going in to “say hello to Jesus” and as a result, his mother came back to faith, followed by his father.

The Eucharist is my highway to Heaven.

— Blessed Carlo Acutis

Carlo's love and reverence for the Eucharist were exceptional and he never missed daily Mass. He even documented Eucharistic miracles all over the world and, being a “computer genius,” created a display and website to share his findings. Carlo believed that if people knew Jesus was truly in the Eucharist, they would turn to God.

Carlo Acutis Assisi Santa Maria Maggiore casket relics remains
Carlo Acutis\'s tomb at the Church of Saint Mary Major in Assisi. By Dobroš, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.

Since he knew that he would die young, Carlo never wasted time and dedicated most of his time to good works, including helping children, the elderly, and the poor. He also became a catechist as soon as he was confirmed at age eleven and stood sponsor for a migrant who got baptized. He was popular at school and befriended children who were unhappy at home, defended the disabled, and treated girls with purity. He fearlessly defended his Catholic faith, including his pro-life views, in class.

To always be close to Jesus, that’s my life plan.

— Blessed Carlo Acutis

In early October 2006, Carlo became ill and was diagnosed with leukemia. He immediately offered his sufferings for the Pope, the Church, and his own direct entry into heaven. Carlo remained calm and said he was happy to die because he had lived his life without wasting a minute on things that do not please God.

He died on October 12. Some of his last words were to a nurse who offered to wake his mother since he was suffering. Carlo refused and said his mother was tired and would only worry even more. Carlo's mother believes that God chose him to be an example for young people in this period of history.

Prayer for His Canonization

O God our Father, we thank you for giving us Carlo, a model of life for young people, and a message of love for all. You made him fall in love with your son Jesus, making the Eucharist his “highway to heaven.” You gave him Mary as a beloved mother, and you made him, through the Rosary, a cantor of her tenderness. Receive his prayer for us. Look above all upon the poor, whom he loved and assisted. Grant me too, through his intercession, the grace that I need … (mention your intention). And make our joy full, raising Carlo among the saints of your Church, so that his smile shines again for us to the glory of your name. Amen.
  1. Cover picture by Dobroš, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.